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Early years and schools

Dedicated to creative movement in children

I provide creative movement and dance classes for early years children.

All lessons are linked to EYFS practice guidelines and the national curriculum.

Sessions are designed to ENGAGE children in active, fun, activities and to ENHANCE learning through developing physical, emotional and intellectual skills through movement, music and dance.


What people say

"We would recommend that every school have a Fizz n Flow class. The children have lots of fun each session and are able to express themselves as individuals.

The children's self confidence and self-awareness has increased and they are always keen and excited to show their work and partner work at the end of the sessions."

Mrs Bhal Melbourne

Infant Assistant Headteacher

St Francis de Sales Federation School

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About Me

"I have a passion for helping others discover their inner dancer."

The early years are some of the most important and creative years of a child's life, with movement and dance fundamental in the development of children. So with this as my motivation and the love of a good boogie I started Fizz n Flow.  I am qualified with a Level 3 Award in Supporting the Delivery of Dance in Physical Education and School Sport and I have delivered community classes to children ages 12 months to 3 years and to early years groups within schools. 


I loved dancing when I was younger and went to a Contemporary Dance school for many years with a fantastically creative and energetic Laban teacher. So when I had children I obviously wanted to give them the same joy as I had from dance. My problem was finding something that appealed to my two boys and the lack of opportunity for them lead me to where I am now! A dance teacher! Starting with my own parent and toddler groups I realised how important inclusivity was bringing dance to all cultures and ethnicities and so moved towards teaching in schools where that was possible.So here I am! Ready to teach!


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